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Guest Beds

Guest Beds

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  4. Rapyal Sleep Oxford Guest Bed
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    Rapyal Sleep Pine Master Double Guest Bed
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11 Items

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Most of us in the UK are not lucky enough to live in mansions or a home with plenty of spare rooms ready to accommodate guests that visit overnight or come to spend a couple of nights at our homes.

Therefore, for most of us who own small homes not endowed with plenty of rooms and floor space, options for accommodating friends and family may be limited to keeping make-shift sleeping equipment handy for such occasions. These are usually air mattresses, camp beds, or foldaway beds that you can store in a cupboard when not in use.

If you do have a spare bedroom that you keep available for guests, at Home Furnishings UK, we can supply you with an assortment of "3 in 1" or "trundle" guest beds. Trundle beds have distinct advantages over other types of convertible sofa or bed furniture, such as sofa beds and futon settees.

Sofa beds and futon sofas are types of convertible seating that you can configure into sleeping furniture by folding them up or down when the need arises.

Futons and sofa beds are perfect if you have just moved and cannot buy all the furniture items you need at once or live in a very limited space such as a bedsit. They are also handy for guest rooms, as they can sleep a single person or a couple comfortably. However, a problem may arise if you need to put up two people who are not a couple, who do not wish to share a bed. Our trundle guest beds also have that situation covered.

Futon beds and sofa beds also have the disadvantage of being difficult to convert from the seating to sleeping position. You should be able to easily adjust your guest bed arrangements, which is another benefit of a 3 in 1 trundle guest bed.

Guest Beds for Small Rooms

Trundle beds are not only ideal for guests; they are also an excellent option if you have a small bedroom but like the luxury of sleeping in a roomy bed. The lower bed can be stored away during the day, freeing up floor space, and pulled out at night to give you several extra feet of sleeping space.

Most guest bedrooms tend to be the smallest bedroom in the house, which makes perfect sense as it is only likely to be used intermittently.

You can maximise the space available in a small guest bedroom by choosing a 3 in 1 guest bed. This type of bed is the perfect solution if you have occasional or frequent overnight visitors. The main part of the bed is a sturdy single bed, strong enough to support even a large adult.

Unlike some guest sleeping arrangements, the main bed is comfortable enough to sleep on as a permanent bed, so if you ever need to accommodate a visitor for more than just a few nights, you and they can rest assured that the bed will provide a good night's sleep.

Underneath the main bed is a second smaller, less sturdy bed, which you can keep stowed away when not used. The second bed has legs, that when extended, make it the same height as the parent bed. So, you can push the second visitor bed against the main bed to form a double for a visiting couple or use it as a second free-standing single bed.

If your guests are staying longer than one night, a trundle bed can be stowed away during the day, and with the help of some cushions, the main bed can be used as a sofa.


The 3 in 1 trundle bed model is also a perfect option for a child's room who likes to have sleepover buddies stay over. The second bed can be pulled out in a matter of seconds and stored away again in the morning without taking up unnecessary floor space.

Trundle beds are not only useful for sleepovers, but they are also a viable option for a bunk bed. Children enjoy trundle beds because they are different from the norm and have an ingredient of fun to them. Pulling the trundle bed out and pushing it back in is fun for youngsters, and you don't even have to put the bed on the same level as the main bed; you can keep the legs folded in, as children like to sleep on different levels.

Guest Bed Prices

Because a bed for visitors is usually not used frequently, we don't recommend you spend a fortune on a guest bed. But on the other hand, you do want to make sure your guests will be comfortable and get a restful night's sleep while staying at your home. For this reason, we offer high-quality guest beds at low affordable prices to keep both you and your guests happy.

Why Shop With Us?

There are many reasons to shop with Home Furnishings UK. We believe in offering our customers stylish furniture and home furnishings that satisfy every requirement without hefty price tags.

Buying a piece of necessary furniture should not keep you awake at night worrying if you can afford to pay for it, and many of our items are priced at less than half the price of high street recommended retail prices.

We also offer Klarna payments, a Swedish payment service provider that allows you to buy now and pay later. Therefore, if you need an item in a hurry, but payday is still a few weeks off, you can order what you need without worrying about finding the money upfront. Choose Klarna when checking out; with Klarna, there are no fees, interest, or credit agreements.

We are committed to offering top-notch customer service, and if your purchase is not as you expected, we will replace the item or give you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

Our online store uses the most advanced technology providing an unrivalled shopping experience. It is one of the most comprehensive sites in the UK to buy a new bed, mattress, wardrobe, and other items of quality home furniture.

If you have a question about our products or delivery service, call 0800 043 6510, and our customer service team will be delighted to help.

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