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Orthopaedic Mattresses – Top Quality Mattresses to Relieve Joint Pain

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As we spend a third of our lives sleeping, or at least in bed, here are some numbers to consider. If you only spend seven hours a night in bed, over a year, that equals 2555 hours spent on a mattress. Therefore, choosing a great mattress should be taken seriously. Having a good sleep makes all the difference to how you deal with everyday life. If you're not renewed and refreshed, you will not be at your best at work. Tiredness has negative effects on your health and even affects your relationships.

Orthopaedic Mattresses for Back Pain

One common reason for not sleeping well is back pain and joint soreness. If you find you suffer from morning aches, a new mattress could be the solution. If you suffer from permanent back pain, which keeps you awake at night, a new mattress could also be the answer.

Doctors and chiro practitioners will often recommend an orthopaedic mattress for people who have some sort of pain, whether short-term from an injury or long-term pain, because an orthopaedic mattress extends support to the joints.

Orthopaedic mattresses are very comfortable as they offer superior support and keep the spine properly aligned. They also relieve pressure on body parts such as the shoulders, elbows, and hips, so you don't experience a build-up of pressure in bed.

If a bed is too hard or too soft, it won’t provide the pressure-relieving advantages you need. To prevent pain at pressure points, the mattress needs to be firm but still have some give. For this reason, extra-firm mattresses or ultra-soft mattresses do not get the orthopaedic mattress classification.

At Home Furnishings UK, we stock orthopaedic mattresses and orthopaedic divan beds designed to support the joints and keep the spine aligned. Our orthopaedic range is available in all sizes, colours, and styles, at low bargain prices.


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