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High-Quality Headboards For Sale at Bargain Prices

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If you want to give your bedroom a makeover but don't have a lot of time or money to invest, an excellent and easy way to give a bedroom a new look is to add a stunning headboard.

At Home Furnishings UK, we stock a range of beautiful bedroom furniture in a variety of colours and materials. You can shop by size, price, or material type. We supply headboards in all standard UK bed sizes: 2ft 6" small single, 3ft single, 3ft 6" large single, 4ft small double, 4ft 6" double, 5ft king-size, and 6ft super king.

Fabric and Upholstery Options

Our headboards come in a range of fabrics suitable for those looking for something chic, smart, or who think from a more practical point of view. If long-lasting is a priority, fabrics that are a blend of cotton and polyester are enduring.

For elegance and style, velvet tufted models look amazing. However, this material is not as easy to clean as other types; stains and marks are more evident than other fabrics. Quilted and padded headboards give a room a cosy, warm feel. In contrast, faux leather styles are perfect for a masculine feel.

Headboard Styles

The most widespread headboard for sale configuration is rectangular or rectangular with a curved design on the top.

Wooden slatted boards are also fashionable and work well with any bedroom decor. Other possibilities include designs with buttons or studs, wicker, and bamboo models, and for the truly eclectic, there are cardboard headboards decorated with artwork.

Separate Headboards for Sale

When buying a new bed, you might not like the headboard that comes with the bed. Maybe it's too conservative, too high, or not high enough. Perhaps you don't like the material or the colour choices. For this reason, we sell all our beds with optional headboards, which gives shoppers the freedom to pick a design that matches their personality and style.

If you have a bed that has seen better days or want to give your room a fresh, new look, it is much more economical to buy a headboard without purchasing a new bed frame. The headboard combined with new bed linen and curtains, and a beautiful rug, will give your room an entirely different appearance without breaking the bank.

What Do Headboards Do - Are They Necessary?

No, they are not necessary; many people sleep well without one. Nevertheless, this simple piece of furniture has quite a few benefits you may not have considered. These include:

  • A headboard provides support to the bed frame, making the construction sturdier.
  • A headboard protects the wall behind it.
  • If you sleep without a headboard, you will need to clean or even paint the wall regularly. It is normal to sweat when sleeping, and if the pillow or your head touches the wall, the wall will eventually acquire a darker patch. As a board is much easier to clean than a wall, investing in this relatively cheap home decor item makes sense.
  • If you like reading in bed or using an electronic device, it's much more comfortable to lean back against a soft board than a hard wall.
  • A headboard helps keep pillows from sliding down the gap between the bed and wall.
  • A headboard helps you keep warm. If your bedroom wall is uninsulated, it will help prevent you from waking during the night because you feel cold.
  • Headboards come in diverse designs and fabrics, so it is easy to find a perfect model to achieve your desired look. A boring bed is quickly transformed into an attractive piece of furniture that defines your design style.

Cleaning Your Headboard

You can vacuum-clean fabric models or wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove dust. But we recommend you first read the manufacturer's cleaning guidance before using strong cleaning products on fabric furniture. If needed, use an upholstery cleaning product to remove any marks.

Metal and wooden headboards can become dusty, although it is rare that they will stain unless you spill a liquid onto them directly. Furniture polish will get rid of most of the dust. Usually, wood and metal items only require occasional dusting and a wipe with a cloth.

Are Headboards a Standard Size?

You can easily find a headboard for any bed that is a standard UK size.

Headboards are also available for less common sizes such as 4ft doubles, small singles, and Caesar beds. It is essential to measure a bed before you order to be sure your chosen headboard is the right size. You might think your bed is a standard 3ft single bed, for example, when in reality, it is 3ft 6" wide, which is a large single. It can be tricky to tell the size of a bed just by looking at it. A standard UK headboard is about a third of an inch wider than the bed base on each side.

However, some people prefer headboards that are much more extended than the bed to provide a backdrop to the bedside tables.

Extra-wide headboards can be fitted above the floor at the same height as a regular headboard, or some models reach down to the floor for a more stunning effect.

Extra tall headboards are another fashionable option. They can be as high as you wish, but the general trend is that the headboard is not more elevated than the bed's length.

The average mattress surface height from the floor is about 25 inches. This height allows most people to easily get in or out of bed. If you have a low platform bed or a tall bed base or use a thick mattress or mattress topper, the mattress could be higher than 25 inches. Therefore, it is a good approach to measure the height of the mattress and width of the bed to ensure you get a perfect-fitting headboard.

Can a Headboard be Fixed to the Wall?

You can wall mount a headboard, but you will need French cleat brackets or another similar type of attachment that can support wall-mounted heavy items. You'll also need a drill to fix the cleat plates to the headboard and then attach it to the wall.

If you need help with ordering a headboard, contact us. Our experienced staff is always glad to be of assistance.

Happy headboard hunting!


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