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Memory Foam & Latex Mattresses - Exclusive Range

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Memory Foam Mattresses

A memory foam bed or mattress may be the solution if you sleep poorly or experience aching joints.

Visco memory foam is a material originally developed by NASA to help buffer astronauts against G-forces. Memory foam reacts to a sleeper's weight and body heat to provide excellent comfort and support. The foam forms to your shape, decreasing tension on joints.

With your weight spread evenly, circulation is enhanced, and a memory foam bed can provide relief from many ailments, including arthritis and backache.

When the bed is empty, a memory foam mattress returns to its original shape and never sags in the middle, which may transpire with a spring mattress after extended use.

Latex Mattresses

Natural latex is extracted from rubber trees. When prepared as a foam to make mattresses, it feels instinctively springy. This makes a latex mattress an attractive option for sleepers who don't like the warm embrace of memory foam. Latex absorbs a minimum amount of body heat, and so users remain reasonably cool.

Latex mattresses have health benefits and are also environmentally friendly. Latex foam gives soft support for pressure points, such as the ankles, hips, and shoulders. Latex's flexibility promotes correct spinal alignment.

If you don't clean your mattress, microorganisms will accumulate on the bed leading to mildew and dust mites. This causes allergies and harmful sleeping conditions. Latex is antimicrobial by nature and resists toxic organisms, making it a leading choice for allergy sufferers or those who don't have time to clean their mattress routinely.


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