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Space Saving Divan Beds

The UK is not a large island, and in the cities, space is at a premium, and many homes, especially newer properties, have small bedrooms.

If you have difficulty finding enough space to store your belongings and do not have sufficient room for an extra dresser or wardrobe, a divan bed with storage is a helpful solution. The main advantage of a divan bed base is the possibility of added storage created by drawers built into the base. Divans also benefit from being sturdier than regular wood or
metal bed frames and are more flexible when it comes to design.

What Is a Divan Bed?

Divan beds have two parts: the divan bed base and a mattress. Here at Home Furnishings UK, you can purchase the base with a matching mattress or buy the base only and use an existing mattress. Divan bases have a strong wood frame, which manufacturers normally encase in fabric, which allows you to pick from a variety of colours, materials, and patterns.

When you order your divan, you can choose to add drawers or a headboard. The drawers can be built into one side of the frame, on both sides, or if your bedroom room is narrow without much space to move around the bed, you can choose a base with a long drawer at the bed's end. As divan bases are often heavier than other types of bases, they usually come with castor wheels so you can move the bed without having to lift it.

For the same reason, manufacturers will often split the base into two parts, which makes getting it upstairs and into the room a much more straightforward task. Once in situ, you can quickly put the two sections of the base bed together with the provided U-clips or link bars.

Although divans have been around for decades, they remain among the most popular bed options in the UK, with many consumers preferring them over contemporary bed frames. Divans offer exceptional value for money due to the extra storage, their durability, and aesthetic properties.

But Are Divan Beds Comfortable?

For most of us, a comfortable bed is imperative. Divan beds offer excellent support, as they have a level platform top. After regular use, slatted bed bases tend to buckle under a sleeper's weight, which does not occur with a divan. When buying any bed, it is best to think of the base and the mattress as separate components, as when it comes to comfort, the mattress has the most influence.

Are Divan Beds Strong?

In terms of strength and durability, slatted bed bases tend to bend and eventually. A divan bed base can support even extreme weight making it more unyielding and long-lasting than a slated base.

Are Divans Old-Fashioned?

Younger customers often deem divan beds to be old-fashioned, but the bed's appearance depends mainly on the material covering it. Yes, a floral pattern that a grandmother might prefer can look dated, but there are numerous divan bases on the market these days that look nothing like the patterned divan beds popular in the 60s and 70s. Furthermore, as you can choose from many modern headboards to go with the divan, it is simple to give a divan bed a fresh, up-to-date look.

Crushed Velvet Divan Bases

One of our most popular divan bases is made from durable timber and wrapped with crushed velvet. This base is a budget-friendly item available in plenty of colour and design options.

Faux Leather Divan Bases

Faux leather in the bedroom offers a sensual, opulent look. Faux leather divan beds come in various colours, so you can find a model to match your existing decor. The best thing about faux leather is it is exceptionally straightforward to clean and maintain.

Memory Foam Divan Beds

A smart memory foam divan bed comprises an upholstered base and a memory foam mattress, or if you are on a budget, you could use a regular spring mattress with a mattress topper. Memory foam mattresses are noted for high comfort and support.

Pocket Sprung Divans

Like the other divan bases we sell, you can buy pocket spring divan beds in all standard UK sizes, with or without storage options. Pocket sprung mattresses supply more ventilation than foam mattresses because of the space between the coils, so there is less chance of waking up feeling too warm.

Open Spring Divan Beds

An open coil divan bed is ideal for consumers who favour a firm mattress. They have less resistance than pocket sprung mattresses, are lighter, and therefore easier to move.

Orthopaedic Divan Beds

An orthopaedic divan bed gives you uninterrupted, invaluable sleep that is so hard to come by for many. Orthopaedic mattresses shape themselves around the body's contours, sustain pressure points, and provide relief from aches and strains.

Transform your room with a divan bed

A divan bed will work wonders and turn a dull, ordinary bedroom into a warm, cosy space. The assorted variety of colours and materials available means you can find a divan to suit your decor ideas and customise your room to suit you.

How are divans delivered?

A new double-size divan bed will usually come in two parts, with unattached legs or castors. To construct the bed, you must turn the main sections upside down and fix the castors or legs onto the base. You next join the two base halves and fix them together, usually done with clips. Most manufacturers include the parts and a tool needed to assemble the bed.

Divan bed height

A bed with a regular slatted base is about 2ft or 24 inches high. Platform beds, which have a lower design, tend to be around 20 inches tall. Divan and Ottoman beds are approximately 28 inches on average, which may vary due to the storage options.

If a bed is too low for a sleeper’s height, it may be hard on the joints when getting into bed. A too high bed can also be problematic, but generally speaking, bed height only presents a problem for seniors or sufferers from a bad back or another injury.

How much do divans cost?

Divan bed bases tend to be more costly than standard beds, down to the extra materials needed to construct them. While the cost of a divan base may be a little higher, consider you are getting a bed and storage, and the price is likely to be less than what you would pay for a regular bed plus a piece of storage furniture.

The cost of a divan bed depends on various factors, including the brand, the retailer, the materials, the size, and if you decide on optional features such as drawers, or a headboard, etc. As a ballpark figure, expect to pay anywhere between £130 for a single divan to several thousand pounds for excellent quality, top-of-the-range item. The only way to know precisely what you'll pay is to go to a local retailer and ask, or look at a comprehensive bed website like ours, put in your requirements, and the software will show the price. At Home Furnishings UK, we are proud to offer our customers excellent value for money supplying top-quality beds at massively discounted prices.

Shopping for a Divan Bed

If you have determined a divan bed or bed base is the correct choice for you, we are happy to stock a wide range of products for our customers to choose from. When ordering with us, we promise the following:

  • A quality made bed for a comfortable sleep
  • Space-saving storage options
  • Top choice of brands
  • Cash savings
  • After-sales service
  • Fast and free delivery

When you buy from a long-established company like ours, you can be sure we will get your order to you in optimal condition and as fast as possible. Please get in touch with our team of product experts if you would like more information about the divan beds we supply.