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Bed Sizes: No Matter Your Size, We have You Covered!

If you are contemplating buying a bed but are unsure which size will best fit your room, this guide will help you decide the optimal dimensions depending on your bedroom and sleeping situation.

Small Single Beds

A small single bed, otherwise known as a compact single, is the smallest bed regularly available in the UK. Six inches narrower than a standard single, the small single measures 2'6" x 6'3", making it a perfect size for young children who have outgrown their cots and are ready to switch to a bed.

Although this size is especially suitable for a young child's bedroom, small single beds are also ideal for older children who share a bedroom. Two or three 2ft 6" beds will free up more space in a room compared to 3ft standard single beds.

Bedsits, converted lofts, and small guest rooms can also benefit from this size bed. A small single bed saves space while accommodating children or smaller adults, securing more room for other furniture while still providing a sufficient comfort level.

Single Beds

One of the most used bed sizes in the UK is the single bed, measuring 3'0" x 6'3". The single bed is a perfect size for many diverse situations. Suitable for children and teenagers, a single bed gives you adequate room in a single bedroom and allows for a little extra rolling space than the small single.

Suitable for adults too, a single-size bed is an ideal choice for a bedroom where other furniture dominates the space, for example, a large wardrobe.

A quality single bed is a sound purchase to make for your children as it will see them through from when they outgrow a cot into adulthood, albeit with a couple of mattress changes.

Like other bed sizes supplied by Home Furnishings UK, we sell standard single beds with storage solutions underneath, leaving more room to move around in a small bedroom.

Large Single Beds

The large single bed measures 3'6" x 6'3", giving you an extra 6 inches of room compared to a standard single. The large single bed offers a happy medium and is perfect for adults or teens who want a roomier sleep while not taking up too much space in a smaller bedroom.

Small Double Beds

The small double is halfway between a large single bed and a standard double-sized bed, measuring 4'0" x 6'3". This size is highly versatile, and a small double will suit many circumstances and types of people. Perfect for a child whose room is on the larger side, a small double bed is also an excellent option for an adult who does not sleep comfortably in a single bed.

The small double is an alternative for those who enjoy the expanse of a double bed but don't have the room space, as a small double bed gives the possibility of not having to revert to a single bed in such a circumstance. This is also an ideal size for a guest room, as the small double gives a single guest plenty of room for a restful night's sleep while also enabling you to put a couple up if the need arises.

Double Beds

A standard double-size bed is one of the most sold bed sizes in the UK. Spacious without being too wide to take over the entire bedroom, a double bed will fit most conventional size bedrooms and offers six inches more turning room than its smaller predecessor, the 4ft small double. Measuring 4'6" x 6.3", a double bed gives a good night's sleep allowing a single person to stretch and roll over and will also fit a couple comfortably.

Great for older teenagers, a double bed is a more adult bed style and is available from us with storage space underneath, ideal for keeping shoes, clothes, and other items organised and out of view. Available in numerous styles and materials, it is easy to find a double bed to match your existing decor.

King Size Beds

The king-size bed is a luxurious option if you have enough space. A large bed, the king-size measures 5'0" x 6'6, so in the UK, most homes will only have enough room for this size bed in the master bedroom. This bed size is ideal for couples who like to stretch out, or those with a minimalistic bedroom, perhaps with an adjoining walk-in wardrobe or an en-suite bathroom, so they don't have too much need for storage in the bedroom itself.

The king-size bed is also an ideal size for tall persons, as all smaller bed sizes are 6'3" in length. At 6'6", the king-size gives taller sleepers those extra few inches to stretch out for a good night's sleep.

A king-size bed is also worth considering for people who sleep with a partner who may be a fitful sleeper; it will give both people enough room for a restful sleep.

Super King Size Beds

If you have space, then a super king bed is by far the most luxurious size to buy. Measuring a vast 6'0" x 6'6", it will cater for sleepers of all sizes, especially ideal for those of more substantial body size or those who are unusually tall. With such a big sleeping area, super-king size beds offer plenty of space-saving storage options from under-bed drawers to Ottoman storage beds.

There are countless different models and designs available, allowing you to create a dream bedroom around a super-king bed. This size is also an excellent choice for those who may be bedridden or bed-bound for some of the time; a super-king bed offers the ultimate in luxurious sleeping for everyone.

Note to US Buyers

If you come from the United States, you will find UK bed sizes differ from what you are accustomed to. In the States, a popular bed size is the Queen size, a bed measuring 5ft or 60 inches wide. A US Queen size bed is equivalent to a UK King size. In Britain, the term Queen size is rarely used, although some sellers may use the term to refer to a small double 4ft bed.

There are other differences between UK and US bed sizes, probably because the UK is relatively limited for space compared to the US, and UK homes tend to have smaller rooms.

So, to prevent confusion, it is better to order a bed going by the number of feet or you are looking for rather than using the term "Queen Size" or another word that is only widely recognised in your home country.

Home Furnishings UK bed sizes

Most people in the UK either sleep on a 3 ft standard single bed or a standard double 4 ft 6" wide bed.

Here at Home Furnishings UK, we stock all the standard bed sizes from 2 ft 6" small single beds to the luxury 6ft super king size.

If you remain unsure about the bed size you need or have other questions, please get in touch, and our friendly staff will advise.

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