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Our bed is probably the most essential piece of furniture in the home, and it's where we spend roughly one-third of our lives, so it is vital to have a bed that affords you a wonderfully refreshing sleep.

Here at Home Furnishings UK, we have an extensive range of beds, with a suitable product for any individual requirements. Our beds come in all standard UK sizes, from 2ft 6 to the super luxurious 6ft Super King.

If you are in the market for a new bed or just a bed frame, you will find numerous options. We also sell mattresses without a bed frame if that is what you are after. With so many diverse beds to choose from, finding the right bed usually requires some research.

If your bedroom is small, you could consider a divan. Or, if you like the minimalistic look, a simple metal frame works well. The best type of bed is very much down to personal preference and your current bedroom decor. In this guide, we describe your options to help you find the bed or frame that is the best product for you.

Divan Bed Bases

Divan beds are our top-selling bed style. They have been a popular bed base choice in the UK for decades due to their practicality, as you can opt for drawers built into the base. It is surprising how many books, toys, off-season clothes, towels, or bedding can fit into a bed base! The storage feature makes the Divan much more useful than just a platform to sleep on, and they are an ideal choice for rooms with limited space.

A divan base is basically a wooden box encased with fabric. The best quality divan bases are constructed from sturdy wood. Unlike metal or wood beds, which come as a single item, divan bed bases are usually made in two segments, which you place next to one another to create a single platform. This makes them straightforward to transport and easier to lift than if they were in a single piece.

Divan Bed Choices

At Home Furnishings UK, we sell divan beds with or without drawers, with or without a mattress, and with or without a headboard.


Deciding whether you need a mattress or headboard is an easy decision, but you will have to consider the storage option, depending on where you will place the bed in a bedroom.

Our beds have different storage possibilities; you can have drawers at the foot of the bed, on both sides of the bed, or on either side of the bed.

If you will place the bed against a wall or close to a wall, it stands to reason to have deep drawers only on the exposed side. If your bedroom is narrow, and there is limited space round the bed on both sides, ordering a bed with drawers at the bed's foot is the best option. For this situation, we additionally supply beds with slider storage sections, which need less room, as you don't need to pull a drawer out.


As well as their practicality, divan bed buyers enjoy the additional benefit of comfort. Divans are often more comfortable than other bed frames, as the firm platform gives the mattress a level surface. The flat surface is advantageous for thick mattresses and offers an equal level of support to the entire mattress.


There's plenty of room for customisation with a divan, as you can pick a matching headboard or a completely distinct style. If you later redecorate your room, you can simply change the headboard rather than have to buy a new bed.

Our divan bases are available in diverse materials, from faux leather to crushed velvet, to chenille. Given the huge choice of fabrics and colours, divans are incredibly flexible to match existing decor.

Putting a Divan Bed Together

Constructing a divan bed is simple. Our divan beds come with instructions from the manufacturer to lead you through the assembly steps.

As most divans come in two sections, you must turn the parts upside down and insert the castors or feet into the provided holes at each corner after removing the packaging. If necessary, you can use a light hammer to knock them into place.

Once the feet are securely attached, you can fix together the two base sections. Divan bed bases usually come with U-clips or link bars. U-clips do not require tools, but link bars may need to be tightened using a screwdriver, or the manufacturer may include an Allen key.

When you've attached the divan sections together and put the base upright, it's ready for the mattress.

Bed Bases Only

Oftentimes, our shoppers don't need an entire new bed, comprising a base, mattress, and headboard, and only want the base. If you have a mattress you are satisfied with or want a specialist model such as an orthopaedic or memory foam mattress; you probably want to buy a mattress independently. At Home Furnishings UK, you can buy any of our bed bases separately, so you never spend more than is necessary.

Bed Frame Alternatives

Other than divan bases, we supply other models, including upholstered frames, wood, and metal.

Upholstered Bed Frames

The demand for fabric upholstered beds decreased as the more minimalistic wood and metal frames became fashionable during the nineties and noughties. But, in recent years, sales of upholstered beds and frames have grown, as no other kind of frame gives the opulence of an upholstered fabric bed.

Typically, upholstered bed frames are made from wood, covered with some filling for comfort, and finished with a luxurious material such as crushed velvet, chenille, or the more masculine-looking faux leather.

Manufacturers will often attach studs and buttons to fabric beds for an ornate look.

Because you can buy upholstered beds in numerous materials and colours, this bed frame model will fit in well when any decor, from vintage to contemporary.

A fabric base offers more comfort, warmth, and customisation options than wooden or metal frames.

Metal Bed Frames

When buying a bed frame, you must consider how it will look against the room's décor. If your room has a contemporary style decor, a classical wood rustic style frame would likely look odd and out of place. The main advantages of metal bed frames are the low-price tag; they will fit in with any decor and are easy to clean.

Metal bed frames last for years and demand little maintenance to keep them looking as great as they did when you bought them. Unlike wood or fabric frames which can stain and be difficult to clean, a metal frame only requires a sporadic wipe with a damp cloth to keep it stain and dust-free.

Metal beds come in lots of different designs and shapes. An ornate metal headboard will transform the look of a bedroom. Metal frames also come in an unexpected variety of colours, from a natural steely grey to gloss-painted frames in black, white, or less widely available bright colours.

Metal beds are sturdy and can carry lots of weight. They are a great alternative if you are on the heavy side and don't want to buy a reinforced bed that will take up more space in a small room.

Metal bed frames are ideal for children, as you can paint them in a bright colour. They are almost effortless to keep clean and need little space.

The low-price tag of metal beds makes them excellent for first-time home buyers, students, or consumers on a budget. Inexpensive metal frames are made from long-lasting powder-coated tubing, making them light and straightforward to move.

Wood Bed Frames

As we begin the early 2020s, wooden frames are still as popular as ever. Wooden bed frames are classical and never go out of fashion. The choice of woods, styles, and finishes is enormous. Whether you want a homely rural look or prefer a sleek, streamlined design, a wood bed frame can produce the effect you are after.

Along with coming in a range of styles, wooden frames come with greatly fluctuating price tags. The cost depends mainly on the type of wood and the complexity of the design. You can buy wooden bed bases that look more like a work of art than a piece of furniture, or you can find wooden frames made with comparatively inexpensive wood such as pine or fir. Pine beds are always a popular choice, along with traditional oak.

Some buyers think a wood bed only looks appropriate in a traditional-themed bedroom. But wooden beds can also look fabulous in contemporary settings. You can paint a wooden frame to resemble the modern decor, and good quality wood adds character to any room.

One of the attractive features of a wood bed frame is it is environmentally friendly, so you can sleep well knowing your bed choice has contributed to the Earth's wellbeing.

Wooden frames are less prone to squeaking and are more long-lasting than metal frames. However, this also makes them more costly; metal frames are more affordable.

Bed Bases with Storage

Divan bed bases with consolidated drawers are notably popular because of their convenient storage, but divans are not the only type of bed bases with storage. If you don't relish the appearance of a divan, consider an Ottoman or sleigh storage bed.

Sleigh beds with storage typically have drawers included in the base, like divan beds. Sleigh beds have been used for hundreds of years and are named due to their unique sleigh appearance with a curved headboard and footboard.

Sleigh beds have many benefits. They add a solid, durable look to a bedroom. You'll find them made from beautiful wood or upholstered. Many people choose sleigh beds as they give a cosy cocooned experience. The curved head and foot add depth at both ends, so a sleeper feels safe and protected.

Ottoman beds work with gas-lift hydraulics, which raises the entire bed base to reveal storage space. An Ottoman provides a greater storage capacity than storage beds with drawers because it uses all the area under the mattress.

You can open an Ottoman base from the foot end of the bed or one side, depending on the model. They're a perfect storage bed for a small room, as there are no drawers, which require additional space. They are also an excellent alternative for guest rooms, box rooms, or loft conversions, where there may not be space for extra furniture.

Because most Ottoman bases are driven by gas-lift hydraulics, minimum effort is required to access the stored items. When the bed is open, it will remain open until you are ready to shut it.

Like divan and fabric upholstered beds, Ottoman bases are sold in a wide variety of colours and materials.

Helping to keep a bedroom free of clutter, an Ottoman allows you to enjoy a relaxing space to unwind.

Why Shop with Home Furnishings UK?

There are many good reasons to shop with us. For more than two decades, we have supplied our UK customers with products that meet every bedroom furniture need without large price tags. Buying a necessary item of furniture should not keep you awake at night wondering if you can afford it.

We strive to offer excellent customer service, and if your item is not as you expected, we will replace it or give you a refund, no questions asked.

Our online store is built with the latest technology and is among the most comprehensive bed sites you will find to buy a new bed or mattress in the UK.

If you have any inquiries, call our freephone 0800 043 6510 or fill out the contact form. Our helpful customer service staff are always on hand to answer questions.


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