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When To Get A New Bed. Some Warnings To Consider

When To Get A New Bed. Some Warnings To Consider

Let’s face it we only tend to go out and buy a new bed when it literally comes to the point of the bed actually falling apart. We’ve all adjusted the slats because one is broken or gaffer taped a slat back together, placed books to replace a broken foot, gone without the headboard because it’s broken in the vain hope we can get a few more years out of it.

So below we outline some alarm bells will ring telling you that your bed needs replacing.

Warning Signs That You Need A New Bed Frame

The Creaks Are All Too Much

Creaks are literally a pain in the bed especially when we are trying to get to sleep after a long day. Over time we do come to embrace the creaking and tend to ignore it but it can be a warning sign that your bed does indeed need replacing as it can be a sign that is about to break.

You Get That Sinking Feeling

If you go to bed and it feels like you’re Alice In Wonderland falling down an endless hole, or you get that sinking feeling it’s time to get a new bed. If the mattress is not positioned correctly this can have long term health affects as mattresses support your body and that is not all as it can also cause a restless night’s sleep. The sinking feeling is not to do with your mattress but the actual bed. This can mean a slat is broken and no amount of gaffer tape is going to fix the problem. A new bed is the answer.

Splitting Wood

If there are signs that your wooden bed frame is starting to crack or there are splits in the wood, then it’s about time you got a new bed. It may only look like a few tiny hairline splits or cracks but overtime these will get bigger and it shows that the wood isn’t good enough quality and could eventually lead to the dreaded bed collapse. As we are less likely to look at the slats as an example underneath the bed it becomes very difficult to tell if there are actually any splits at all. So give your bed an MOT every now and then and check to see if the slats are in a state of disrepair.

The Screws Are Bent, Missing, Loose or Twisted

If any of the fixings such as screws on the bed frame are bent, missing, loose or even twisted, then this is a warning sign that your bed is need of replacing. Long periods of use and general wear and tear will all have some kind of adverse effect on the bed frame and if the fixtures are starting to fall apart and in the case of screws go missing then you will need a new frame.

Bad Night’s Sleep

One major reason as to why you just are nit getting that good night’s sleep could simply be down to your bed frame. Even though the most obvious cause of a restless or sleepless night is 9 times out of 10 your mattress but you are certain that is not the mattress causing the issues then it could come down to the bed frame. No wants to go to work on next to nothing hours sleep. If the mattress is relatively new or even brand new, then the problem is more than likely the bed frame.

Which leads us onto

The New Mattress

If you have just gone out and bought yourself a new mattress but you no longer are satisfied with the sleeping results, have you ever thought that is could be the bedframe itself that is causing the issue and not your brand new mattress?  Different mattresses are made to fit different bed types so it could be that your new mattress and your bed are not compatible. Many mattress manufacturers create mattresses and frames to bespoke sizes. So if you mix and match your mattress and bed manufacturer you could end up with a mattress that doesn’t fit your bed.

My Slats Are Bent

Bed slats are probably the first thing that breaks on a bed. If they are bent, broken or have started to bow out of shape then yes you’ve guessed it, your bed’s time is up and you can try and replace the slats or just go out and save the hassle by treating yourself to new bed

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