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What is a Divan Bed Base?

What is a Divan Bed Base?

As a place where we spend at least a third of our lives, the bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in the house. Most bedrooms contain cupboards, chests of drawers, and other optional storage furniture, but every bedroom needs a bed! So, choosing the perfect bed is a critical decision to make when designing your ideal bedroom.

Divan bed bases are the UK's number one choice when it comes to deciding on a bed frame. They are comfortable, come in a multitude of materials and designs, and are economical. What's there not to like?

A modern divan bed is fundamentally an upholstered wooden box, usually split into two halves, for easy delivery, topped with a mattress. The top of a divan base is most often a stable platform, which provides even support for the mattress. Some divans have a spring-based construction for a bouncier feel. Both types provide even weight distribution, which is good for the sleeper and prolongs the mattress life.

Because a divan base has fewer components than a slatted bed frame, it is less likely to break or squeak with prolonged use.

At Home Furnishings UK, our cheap divan bed bases are available in all seven standard British bed sizes, from a 2ft 6-inch single to the luxurious 6ft super king.

Divan beds require less space than wood or metal bed frames, as the base is the same size as the mattress. This makes them a perfect choice if space is limited.

Because divans are available in so many fabrics and designs, it is easy to find one that will match your existing decor. You can personalise it further with a matching or contrasting headboard.

Silver Crushed Velvet Divan Base With Drawers and Headboard

The History of Divans

Divan beds as we know them today evolved from long mattresses that were popular in the Middle East in the days of the Ottoman Empire. The name "divan" originated in council chambers of the Middle East council, which was called a divan or diwan. Divan bureaus had seating for the councillors, which consisted of the long mattresses lined against the walls. The concept of a long mattress for lounging or sleeping first appeared in Western Europe in the early 1700s.

The first divan beds similar to our modern-day divans did not emerge until the late 1800s. Furniture designers decided to raise the mattresses of the floor, so it was easier to lie down or stand up and created a flat platform for the mattress. This design was much more practical and cheaper to make than the heavy iron bedsteads that were commonly in use at the time, and users discovered they furthermore provided a more restful sleep.

Cheap Divan Bed Bases

These days, when many people have limited living space, a divan bed is an ideal solution as it doubles up as storage in what is otherwise redundant space. Manufacturers may fit a divan base with shelves, drawers, or a sliding door space. This provides the ideal space for bed linen, clothes, toys etc., keeping them out of sight but easily accessible

Brown Faux Leather Divan Bed Base With Drawers

Our cheap divan bed bases are an ideal solution for anyone on a budget because the built-in storage may replace the need for additional bedroom furniture.

Before ordering a divan bed, make sure you consider the size of your room to evaluate the best storage option. Make sure the drawers will have space to open completely so you can easily reach the contents. If space is limited, sliding storage is probably the best solution.

Most of our bases come in a choice of two drawers on one side or two on each side. If you position your bed against a wall, four drawers are impractical, as two will be unusable. Drawers may also be constructed into the foot of the bed if there is very little space on either side.

Another storage solution is an Ottoman bed. With an Ottoman, you can lift the mattress to expose a large storage area covering the entire bed base, which is especially useful for storing spare duvets and other bulky items.

Side Opening Fabric Upholstered Divan Base

Divan beds have experienced a trendy makeover in the last decade or so, replacing the old-fashioned look of the divans of the 1960s. They are now available in a multitude of high-end durable fabrics.

It's quick and easy to change the look of a plain divan by adding a stylish headboard that will transform the look of even the dullest bedroom at a low affordable cost.

Whatever your budget or specifications, we are sure we have the perfect divan bed to satisfy your storage needs and give you a great night's sleep.

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