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Space Saving Beds

Space Saving Beds

In the UK, housing space is at a premium, and developers build many new homes to modest dimensions to fit more homes into a limited area.

As such, in many UK homes, there will not always be room for a king-size bed along with other necessary bedroom furniture. But this does not mean you can't arrange your bedroom in a way that is comfortable, relaxing, and with sufficient storage.

Space saving beds are designed to make the most of the space taken by the bed, with added storage, or built so that they will fit into a nook not usually intended for sleeping, such as under a staircase or in a minimal converted loft.

This article covers some of the best space-saving bed designs available for specific situations.

Space Saving Bunk Beds

The most prominent type of space-saving bed that has been popular with families for decades is the bunk bed. Bunk beds were traditionally two single beds fixed above one other in a wooden frame. Later, minimalistic, easy-to-clean metal bunk beds became popular. Nowadays, you will find bunk beds in many styles, including models that combine a single upper mattress with a double lower bed, bunks with a built-in desk, and bunk beds with drawers for storage.

One of our best-selling space-saving bunk beds is the Flair Furnishings Flick Wooden Bunk Bed With Storage.

The flick bunk incorporates useful shelving on both bunks to store books, toys, and a night light. The unit has a drawer fitted under the bottom bed with plenty of space for extra books, sheets, pillowcases, etc.

Unlike some bunkbed ladders, this model has a ladder with deep steps and hand holes, making it safe for children of all ages. With its clean, contemporary design, the Flick Bunk fits in seamlessly with any bedroom decor.

4ft Beds with Storage

We find there are two types of fans of 4ft beds. Most buyers are couples with a bedroom too small for a standard 4ft 6" double bed. The second group is people who sleep alone but have adequate space for a bed larger than a single, but who don't feel they need the extra six inches a regular double bed provides.

If you are in the first group and are buying a 4ft double bed because of limited space, a 4ft bed with storage is the perfect option. This model not only fits into rooms of more modest proportions, but it also offers ample storage space within the bed base, where you can store towels, bed linen, and the like, freeing up much-needed cupboard space.

If you need a 4ft bed with storage, we recommend one of the best sellers in our 4ft bed range, the Hf4you Brown Faux Leather Divan Bed Base With Drawers.

This bed base is lined with classic brown faux leather, perfect for contemporary bedrooms. Depending on the size of your room, you can opt for two drawers on either side, two draws on one side, or a single drawer at the foot of the bed, which is ideal if space around the bed is limited.

Space Saving Single Beds

The standard UK single-size bed measures 3ft wide. The single is one of the most widely sold bed sizes, as it is suitable for children, teens, and adults who sleep alone. However, if you are furnishing a child's room or a box room, you might want to consider a 2ft 6" bed, which at 6 inches narrower than a regular single, will save you space in a tiny room or in a room that is rarely used, such as a guest room.

If you prefer the additional width of a standard single, but with space-saving options, we recommend the Crushed Velvet Divan Base With Drawers. This beautiful, elegant bed base is available in all sizes, with two optional deep drawers built into the base of the 3ft model providing plenty of storage space.

Double Bed with Under Storage

Beds that make the most of the base with incorporated storage solutions are mainly sold in two types. You can choose a bed with draws built into the base, often with the option of two side drawers, two drawers on either side, or drawers at the foot of the bed. The other choice is an Ottoman bed.

An Ottoman bed is a bed with a lifting mechanism, which lifts the entire mattress and upper part of the base to reveal abundant storage space.

Unlike divan beds, an Ottoman uses the complete bed base to store your items rather than dividing it into drawers. So, while both divan storage beds and Ottoman beds offer functional under bed storage, the type you choose will depend on how much storage you need and how you prefer to access the space.

Ottoman beds come in models that open from one side of the bed or the foot. The choice of access makes them a feasible possibility if space is limited in a bedroom.

If you are looking for a double bed with under storage, we recommend the Diamond 1000 Pocket Memory Butterfly Ottoman Divan Bed. This reasonably priced ottoman bed features a stylish design and is also functional due to its plentiful storage space. It has reinforced arms to hold the weight of a mattress and covers, so you don't need to move anything to access the storage.

Guest Beds for Small Spaces

If you have little space in a guest room, you must get creative when finding space for your guests to place their belongings. Thankfully, there are many ways you can make the most of available space, such as fitting layered shelving or installing a single shelf that stretches around the entire room. Guests can use the shelving for electronic devices, bags, clothing, and toiletries, etc.

A floating desk is another handy way to free up floor space in a small guest room. You can go with a classical wall-mounted model, or if your windows are large enough, a window-mounted desk is a stylish option.

With a guest room, you need to consider the possibility that more than one visitor may need a bed for the night. Our Kensington Divan Guest Bed is the perfect solution, as it can be kept as a single bed, or you can pull out the lower bed and place it next to the top mattress to make a double. If your two guests are not a couple, the guests can move the beds apart from each other.

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