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Are All Beds the Same Length?

Are All Beds the Same Length?

In the UK, there are six standard bed widths, ranging from 2'6" (small single) to 6'0" (super king). However, although not all beds are the same length, there are only two standard bed lengths. These are 6'3" for all beds measuring up to 4'6" wide and 6'6" for super king and king size beds (5'0" x 6'3").

As we do not usually sleep with our heads touching the top of the bed, sleeping on a standard size single or double bed can be somewhat problematic for anyone over 5'11", as experts recommend buying a bed 6" or 15cm longer than the tallest sleeper. If you are a tall person, the obvious solution is to buy a king or super king bed, but this may not be practical if your room is small.

One way around the issue is to get a custom bed made, but this can be expensive, as you will also need to buy a custom mattress to fit the bed frame.

Though not ideal, another solution is to place an Ottoman storage box at the foot of the bed. These are often made to match beds' height and can be made a little higher with a pillow. This is an inexpensive way of giving you an extra foot or so and gives you valuable storage space.

We are getting bigger

The average height of people in the UK is increasing. Human height is an indicator of overall wellness and financial well-being. The current average height for UK men is 5'10" (78.2cm) and 5'5" (164.8cm) for a woman, with women now being the same height as the average man in the 18th century. Research shows that average heights increase by around 0.75" each generation. The increase means the average male's height will be 6' within five decades. So, in the not so far-off future we can expect a higher demand for longer beds, larger chairs, more airplane leg room, and plus-size clothing and shoes.

Note: Be aware that some retailers in the UK sell beds outside of these standard dimensions. One example is the Swedish company IKEA, where all bed lengths are the same length at 6'6". This may be advantageous in some circumstances, but you should consider that you will have to buy just about everything at IKEA to match the bed frame, including the mattress, fitted sheets, etc. Sticking to the standard UK bed length gives you more choice when shopping for related items.

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