Ottoman storage bedYoung people, often in search of job opportunities, flock to urban areas and these areas feature apartments. Although they are convenient they are small. To manage this, furniture companies have advanced their technology to ensure you are getting the most out of your small spaces. Storage divan beds have become a huge priority. There are a number of storage beds available including under-bed storage and fold away options.

Beds are full of storage potential and thanks to improved mattress technology that has eliminated the need for bulky box springs as well as the addition of dressers. Some storage beds even feature four or six drawers between the mattress and the floor. In addition, these storage beds are lightweight and durable. As an added bonus as storage beds have become more popular they have also become cheaper.

Another great option for a storage bed is the ottoman bed. These are great for stowing away bulky items such as large winter blankets and jackets. These beds open up from either the side or the bottom. Depending on your needs and space you have available choosing the right ottoman bed should not be difficult. If you have more space at the side of your bed than the bottom, you might want to consider a side lift ottoman bed.

Bunk beds are a fantastic addition to any bedroom and as a bonus, they are no longer just meant for children's rooms. Today you will easily be able to find an adult sized bunk bed which features a bed at the top and drawers or a study desk below. These are the perfect beds for student accommodation for those who have just moved to the city. Additionally, you will find that the storage options are endless with a bunk bed.

Sofa beds are a great way to free up a little extra space in your house. They are widely used around the world in many apartments or smaller houses. As with bunk beds, today's sofa beds are available in a wide variety of stylish designs. Gone are the days when sofa beds are bulky and unsightly, today they are available in a number of finishes to suit almost any house or apartment.

In their design, sofa beds offer users duel purposes. They can be used as a beautiful sofa by day while at night they can be easily unfolded to convert into a luxurious bed. These are not only great for the occasional overnight guest but they can be used to accommodate more regular sleepover guests all while remaining stylish.