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    Orders & Returns


    If you are asking for a refund because you have cancelled the Contract between us within the seven-day cooling-off period either by email or writing, we will process the refund due to you as soon as possible and, in any case, within 30 days of the day you have given notice of your cancellation and collect the Goods from your premises as soon as practicable. In this case, we will refund the price of the Goods in full, including the cost of delivery to you (if any). However, then there is a 20% cancelation charge or a minimum fee of £55 per order this is to cover the cost of delivery and collection fee.

    For any other reason (for instance, because you have notified us in accordance with paragraph 20 that you do not agree to any change in these terms and conditions or in any of our policies, or because you claim that an item is defective pursuant to clauses 12 below), we will collect the item free of charge as soon as practicable, examine it and notify you of your refund via e-mail within a reasonable period of time. Goods returned by you because of a defect will be refunded in full, including a refund of any delivery charges for sending the item to you. We will usually process the refund due to you as soon as possible and in any case within 30 days of the day we confirmed to you via e-mail that you were entitled to a refund for the defective Goods.

    We will usually refund any money received from you using the same method originally used by you to pay for your purchase.

    Unwanted goods/wrongly ordered

    Goods will be collected at a charge of 20% per order or a minimum charge of £55. Where possible goods must be returned in the original packaging they arrived in, or packaged sufficiently in order to be collected. Please note: The items will not be collected if they are not safely or sufficiently packed. If items that have been delivered flat packed and once assembled you decide they are no longer required. The items must be disassembled and packaged properly in order to be collected.

    Any mattresses received that are vacuum packed (rolled up), if you find that the mattress is not suitable we would kindly ask for you not to use it and re-wrap ready for collection or exchange.

    Damaged or Faulty goods:

    Damages must be reported within 24hrs - 48hrs of receipt of goods. In all cases goods must be repackaged sufficiently in order to collect or exchange. Please check all packages before signing "received in good condition".

    Please contact us to arrange collection. This form must be placed in an envelope and taped securely to the outside of one of the boxes.

    Returns Procedure:

    Returned items must be sent accompanied by return note number.


    Please note all after sales queries regarding any issues relating to damage/defects of items received, must be put in writing either by post or email.

    If a product is damaged, in order to identify the damaged part correctly, we will request images of the damage and packaging in order to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently.

    If it is deemed that the damage is due to misuse, we will not be deemed liable to replace/repair the damaged item.

    Misuse of bed frames with centre rails and support legs − Please note that purchases of bed frames that have centre rails and support legs there must be a 5mm gap left between the support legs and the floor. Also, it is recommended that a non slip pad/castor cup is placed under each leg/foot if the bed frame is being placed on a wooden/laminate floor. This is to help prevent the legs from slipping and damaging the centre rail.

    If moving a bed frame with support legs, you should lift the frame rather than drag it as the centre support rail and legs will collapse. This will be classed as misuse and no further action will be taken by Home Furnishings UK Ltd.

    SIZES - Please note the following sizes - 3ft/90cm = Single, 3ft6/107cm = Large Single, 4ft/120cm = Small Double, 4ft6/135cm = Double, 5ft/150cm =King size (sometimes known as Queen Size), 6ft/180cm = Super king. Please be aware that sometimes King size may be labelled up as Queen size. This depends on where the product was manufactured.

    If upon delivery the goods you have ordered are unable to fit in your property or upstairs, unfortunately Home Furnishings UK Ltd cannot be deemed liable, and a cancellation/delivery fee of 20% per order or a minimum charge of £55 will apply. Please ensure that measurements and precautions are taken prior to placing your order, to ensure that the product can be successfully delivered.

    The Retail Ombudsman

    We pride ourselves on giving excellent customer satisfaction. 


    In the unlikely event of a complaint, please see our policy below (a full copy of our complaints procedure is available upon request)


    Resolving Complaints

    Wherever possible, a complaint is best resolved by the person responsible for the issue of complaint. All complaints will be acknowledged by the person handling the complaint and the complainant will be kept informed as to the status of their complaint and when they can expect to receive a reply. On receipt of a complaint, a full record will be kept of any telephone conversations or written communications. Ideally, we aim to resolve complaints within a timescale of seven working days.  If this is not possible because a full investigation has not yet been completed, a progress report will be sent to the complainant. If we, Home Furnishings Uk Ltd, are unable to resolve a complaint that you make within eight weeks you can take your complaint to The Retail Ombudsman. This is an independent organisation specialising in providing an alternative dispute resolution service for consumers and retailers. As a member of the organisation, we are bound by their code of practice and they can be contacted via:


    Tel:  02031 3782 68
    ODR (online dispute resolution)

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